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Oct. 24th, 2010

bitch, kthanx, please

iPhone testing....

Just got the LJ app on my phone, haven't been on in a long long time, maybe I'll start this back up again, maybe I won't, just testing it out for now.

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Jul. 28th, 2005

bitch, kthanx, please

long time no chat

what up what up bitches! LOOOONG time no chat! anyways, i barely come on here anymore cause if you haven't noticed, for the past year at least, I have been kinda on myspace instead! lol i havent given up on LJ just yet! so anyways, i was just updating to let people know that i am alive...if you care. and if you want to add me on myspace, my profile is www.myspace.com/misshollywood85 talk to y'all soon! peace and hair grease!

Feb. 11th, 2005

bitch, kthanx, please

I'm a fugitive!

I just had a cat and mouse game with a pig...lol. And I won! Ok...since I am bored, I am gonna even include specific streets...

Ok, I was exiting the freeway coming home from work...I pulled up to the stop sign and a police person was in front of me. Immediately, I was like "SHIT!" cause I only have 1 headlight and I was driving with my fog lights on. So I make a complete stop and continue on and turn right on Kesterson while he went straight...only to turn down a parallel street Alexandria. I made the curve and as I was passing the Alexandria and Manor intersection...I saw him coming down the street. At this point I figured he was out to get me...so I hooked a right down a dead end street and drove all the way down and then turned around and went straight across Manor...I turned right on Fargo and went past WMMS and decided to take the roads to Wiley to get to my house. I went through some curves and as I was going down Wiley...I saw the cop all the way up the street hooking a U on my street with his headlights off...I hooked another right when I sauw that and turned on Devonshire. I turned right on Farnsworth and went all the way up to Burkhart trying to find a place to hang out for a while...no one was answering their phones...THANKS GUYS! So I had to figure my next move...I turned on Burkhart and decided to go the back way from where the cop was to get to my house. I drove all the way to Wicks and turned right...I turned back onto Manor from there and then took Juniper all the way past my street and turned right on the next block. I drove down, turned right on Acacia and then turned onto my street...I made sure my good headlight was facing the way the cop was parked at so he didn't see the bad one...I then pulled up to my house, turned in the driveway and turned off the lights...I sat in the car for a minute cause there was a car coming down the street and I thought it was the cop and he had caught me but it wasn't.I got out, went inside and here I am now...telling you all about it! I seriously feel brilliant right now cause I outsmarted a cop! GO ME! thank you for your time, lol.

Feb. 3rd, 2005

bitch, kthanx, please

lol..this was funny

Your match is Chuck!

Whos your Simple Plan Match?
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WORKS FOR ME! I LOVE CHUCK! he is the coolest!
bitch, kthanx, please


Simple Plan and Good Charlotte announced a co-headling tour this spring!!!!!! I am so excited! Joel listened to us...and so did David...I feel special!!! Gotta love all those guys!

Jan. 28th, 2005

bitch, kthanx, please

Happy Birthday Joey Fatone!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Joey!
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!! Love ya Joey!

Jan. 8th, 2005

bitch, kthanx, please

OoOh noooo!

America's power couple have called it quits! What is this world coming to!? Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are seperating! No word of actual divorce yet but I am sure thats where they are headed. *tears* that makes my heart hurt. :(

In Rememberance:


Brad and Jen

Jan. 6th, 2005

bitch, kthanx, please

well that was kinda hard

well, my mom and I just got back from my nana's house, we took some of the indoor plants she had cause they were all dying. it was ok when I first walked in. but then after going through some of the rooms I started crying. It's been almost a month. A month on the 8th. It's sad still. I don't know...it's just sad. and to top it all off...my mom is on the phone right now counseling her daughter. Makes me even sadder.

Jan. 4th, 2005

bitch, kthanx, please

well that sucks

my college GPA is now at 2.72...rather shitty I know.
I somehow managed to get a fucking D in my stupid Myth class...I don't understand how. I did everything thing I was supposed to, all it was was a lecture course so there really wasn't much to do...fucking retarded. I got a C in Bio/Anthro and I that isn't a surprise...I got C's on all my tests so that isn't so shocking. I got a B+ in Philosophy 110: Critical Thinking 1 and a B+ in History...I am happy with those grades. On a good note, I am now officially a Sophomore! yay!

on another good note, I am gonna be promoted at work! I am gonna be a "sales lead"

anyways...haven't updated in a while...new years was cool, my room is finally getting cleaned up and organized again and I have been trying to get rid of shit off my comp for the past week, it's going pretty good right now, I still want more space before I upload my digital camera software on my comp so I better get back to that now. talk to ya soon!

Dec. 28th, 2004

bitch, kthanx, please

random flash back

lol...i just had a flashback to david yelling "roll playback" on the set or something like that and then one of the PA's heard it and thought it was a real call and was like "ROLL PLAY BACK!" and David was like ::oops::lol, it was so hilarious and rather adorable...and I just had a flashback of him singing "step by step" by new kids on the block too. lol. i love that guy!

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