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Dec. 25th, 2004

bitch, kthanx, please

my christmas

welp, today I wake up and walk out to the front room where the xmas tree and the presents are and stuff and I see my cat sitting there and I also notice one of her gits on the floor and the bag that it was in was tipped over with the tissue hanging out. I was like WTF?! and I asked my dad if he opened it for her and he swore on our lives that he didnt and I asked my mom and she said nope...then my dad was like "yeah earlier i heard some noise out here and I come in and find the gift on the ground with her sitting by it" I was like "are you fucking serious?!" and he was like "yeah!" so my fricked cat picked a present that did just happen to be hers and fricken opened it! she really is a dog in disguise! she had a pretty good christmas so I am happy. anyways...moving on, I got everything I really wanted, noteably: britney's purfume, paris' perfume, paris' book, 90's trivial pursuit, a lamb bag, a new camera, a discman, a role model sweatshirt, white shirts for work, ect...so it was a good xmas for me! anyways, went to my aunt and uncle's last night and had lotsa fun over there and then I went to a different aunt and uncle's house today. We did a white elephant gift thing with me and my second cousins and I ended up getting my gift that I brought back, and that was cool with me. All 19 of my second cousins were there today and all 9 of my 1st cousins on that side of the family were there today and that is a rarity. We had to get lotsa pix going and we all had to go out on the porch for them and lets just say my dad's side of the family is...pretty hefty to put it nicely and there was all 19 2nd cousins, all 11 *including me and Lew* 1st cousins, my "sister", 2 aunts, 2 uncles and my dad on the same part of the porch and we all seriously thought we were about to die! we were like "DON'T MOVE!" cause the deck seriously felt like it was gonna break! it was actually quite funny. anyways, I was kinda sad, I didn't really talk to many people, normally all the younger cousins like to come and talk to me and hang out with me but none of them were really like that this time...I was like "aww...they don't care about me anymore" and all the 2nd cousins around my age and older are all guys except for one girl but she is a lil social butterfly so she likes to run around and talk with everyone so I really didn't have anyone to talk to. I kinda just sat there. I had a good conversation with my Uncle Jon and my 1st cousin Gregory who works and lives in LA and he is in the field I want to go in to. He was the only one of my cousins who was up on the whole "popular culture" thing...he knows the LA area and the clubs and stuff cause he used to promote when he was still in college. I don't know, me and him probably have the most in common but we don't really talk to often. Anyways, yeah...only one of my cousins knew who Simple Plan was...lol...he wants to get into entertainment too. I was saying something about how I am cool with Simple Plan and he was all "no ur not" but later he comes in and was like "so how do you know those guys?" and I was telling him and he was all "ur a groupie huh?" and I shrugged and was like "eh..." and he was all "OMG! THAT IS SICK! I AM LEAVING!" and I was all "dude, if you go by the original meaning then yes I am, not the dirty definition" and he was all "YEAH RIGHT!" and then was like "ur dad's out here..." like he was gonna tell him, I was like dear lordy. lol. Anyways, yeah, it was an interesting day. All my 2nd cousins are growing up a lot. the youngest is like 9 and the oldest is like 23. there are only 4 that are older than me *my dad had me and Lew really late* and the rest are teenagers or damn near teenagers so its weird. anyways...I better move along now...this entry is long enough. talk to ya'll later

Dec. 23rd, 2004

bitch, kthanx, please

two things i may have never bought

with my own money...i wake up today and go get the mail...there is a package for me and lewis in there from my auntie zeph and uncle dennis...we each got a $100 gift certificate for Macy's...normally I don't shop at Macy's cause its too expensive but there was actually two things i really wanted from there...a LAMB bag and Paris Hilton's perfume...and guess what...I GOT THEM! yay!!!!!! I may have never gotten them with my own money but with a gift card, i figured why not, I am not gonna buy anything else in there. I went out to get my stuff and every single Macy's in the area was sold out of Paris Hilton...But yeah...my shopping search ended cause I had to work today even though I thought I had the day off so I went there til 6. they tried to get me to stay longer but i didn't want to. anyways, i got home and looked up Valley Fair's # and called them...to my surprise...they had 12 bottles of Paris Hilton left so Lewis and I hopped in the car and drove all the way there! we get there...i send him in to get it cause I had to find parking and when I finally got in there...they were sold out! it wasn't even an hour after I called and the dude wouldnt put it on hold for me so i was like, oh its cool, it will be there. anyways, the people there were really nice cause lewis was explaing our story to them before i got in there and there is a chick on the phone calling all these other stores and Stanford Mall had some so they called em and told them to make sure they put one on hold for me so me and Lew drove all the way there and they still had it for me so it was cool! I was like finally!!!! so anyways, we walked around a lil bit and Lew wanted to go into A & F and Shawna was working so I said what up, that A & F was really nice! I actually liked it in there. But anyways, that wraps up my night...I finished my paper so I have to take it to school tomorrow. anyways, have a good night peeps!

Dec. 22nd, 2004

bitch, kthanx, please

today at work...

today at work, i almost shat myself. some dude walked in and he asked virginia a question and he was wearing a Role Model shirt! I was like "WTF!" and my mouth dropped. It was the old school one that says "role model" on the front with the #9 on the back. its really not that big of a deal i guess but i was still surprised. i have never seen anyone in my area wear it...and it was weird, it was some mexican guy, i was like "he is a SP fan?!" i didnt get a chance to talk to him about it cause i was busy at the register but it was still cool.

Dec. 19th, 2004

bitch, kthanx, please

horse races

my dad went to the horse races the other day and he asked me to pick a horse in the first 3 races so i did. he went to the track and placed a trifecta bet and 2 of my horses won and the other one lost by a nose! it was a photo finish apparently so basically, we got nothing! if all three horses woulda won, we woulda had over 2000 dollars! mother fucka! so close. almost doesnt count but damnit its still note worthy!

Dec. 18th, 2004

bitch, kthanx, please

SP pix from this week

now here are my pix with SP from this past week:

sp pixCollapse )
bitch, kthanx, please

us at the video shoot

here are some random pix of julianna, jenna and I at Simple Plan's "Shut Up" video shoot:

random pix from the setCollapse )
bitch, kthanx, please

some pix

here are some celeb pix from this week:

me and my favorite hoodrat, Paris

celeb pixCollapse )
bitch, kthanx, please

radio was good to me today

i heard two different nsync songs. "welcome to my life" twice. "boulevard of broken dreams" and "midnight train to georgia" all songs i love! awesomeness. i am lucky if i hear one of my favorites each day so today was grand!

Dec. 17th, 2004

bitch, kthanx, please


lol, my mom's favorite is jeff, she thinks hes cute, well he is but its just funny, its my mom...she was like "oh, i could see you with him" lol, and she called pierre a nasty boy when she saw his finger up his nose in my pic. loves it! in the xmas photo we have, she was like "thats pierre right?" and she actually got it right! anyways, my role model hoodie came today and she tried taking it from me so i wouldnt try it on but i was like "NO!" and ran away from her and tried it on. I kept it on and when she finally realized i still had it on she was like "WHAT THE FUCK DO U HAVE THAT ON FOR?" LOL, it was great. anyways, sp pix are up on simple plan soldiers and the rest of the celebrity ones are coming soon to celebrity obsessions.
bitch, kthanx, please

fun times

omg, the past couple days were ssoooooo much fucking fun! We got to LA on Tuesday to go see SP on Jimmy Kimmel and that was soo much fun, we met some cool folks and SP performed like 5 songs for us! when they finished, we rushed to their hotel to beat them there cause we had xmas cards and julz had gifts for them so we wanted to give it to them when no one else was around. anyways, we seriously had our own christmas with Simple Plan, well Pierre, Chuck, Jeff, Pat, Eric *manager man*, and Pierre's gf. it was great! we got a group photo in front of the xmas tree too. and another one of my goals has been accomplished, getting SP to go in for hugs without me asking. I have never asked any of them for a hug yet they have all gone in for it on their own. my goal was to get the whole group doing that and I have pretty much made that one...with the exception of Seb...but who cares. he is too pre-occupied with wifey to even pay attention to fans anymore. anyways, all of them went in for hugs and jeff even did kisses on the cheek. HOT! lol. anyways, pierre's gf is really nice, she is from Sac town, lol. and I know they appreciate us respecting them too. anyways, we left and went to bed after that. then we had to wake up at the ass crack of dawn to get ready for the video shoot. it was a long day but sooooooooooo much fucking fun! it was the funnest SP event I have gone to. in between takes we were talking to them and they were cracking dirty jokes for the whole crowd. it was just awesome seeing them at actual work. i dont even know, it was just so much fucking fun. it got hot and we were all sweaty and thirsty but it was fun the whole way through. i will probably post more details later, just too lazy now. anyways, afterards, we got pix with all of them except seb...but again, who cares? lol. i gave pat his xmas card and eric the manager one too. the main producer guy who was basically in charge of the whole shoot walked us to our car when we were leaving too, very cool! and he told us the concept for the video too. we knew there was obviously the performance part that we were a part of but we got the whole idea of it now. it should be out in january or something! i am so excited. if i am kept in it, you may see me on top of a wooden crate above most of the other people, next to jeff for his close up, near sebastien in part of it, behind chuck a couple times and behind the bell man too. there are probably other parts i am in too but those i remember for sure. so anyways, i will post pix and write more details eventually but i really oughta go to bed now, 8am final...GRAND! anyways, thanks again to SP for making it another awesome couple days! i love those guys, and the best part is, they love us too! hehehe!

oh ps: we went *clubbin* last night and we met: Paris Hilton! yay! um...Nicole Richie was there with DJ AM, her bf, Ashlee Simpson walked up, Lindsay Lohan walked up, Fred Durst was there, got a pic, Eliza Dushku, Ryan Merriman, a guy from Black Eyed Peas, Andrew Firestone, Derryck from Sum 41, Michael Rossenbaum, ect...

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